This area is set up to help bring back your Core control.  It begins with The Starting Point, which is an exercise designed to correct breathing dysfunction, and establish proper Diaphragm control allowing you to stabilize Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP).  We then move on to Core Activation exercises designed to turn on the Core muscles that are needed for proper functioning of the Core.  From there we go to Core Stabilization exercises, and finally Core Co-ordination exercises.


Performing This Breathing Exercise for 5 minutes at a time 3 times per day for 1-2 weeks will help set you up to breath properly, and will allow you to continue on to Core Activation, where you start to activate the core muscles required to move properly.


Once you get Diaphragmatic Breathing conquered, the next step in the road to a solid core is CORE ACTIVATION.  Below are exercises designed to get your brain back in touch with you core muscles, so that you can then make meaningful movements around your core.


The ability to stabilize your Core is the ability to engage the muscles of the Core allowing full Intra-Abdominal Pressure and thus ensuring a neutral spine while starting a movement.  This is what the following CORE STABILIZATION exercises will teach your brain to do subconsciously.

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Once we have activated and stabilized the core muscles, we can then begin to develop CORE CO-ORDINATION with the following exercises.  These exercises have a common link in that they all require you to engage your core set your spine in neutral position, and then make a movement.  These are higher level exercises, and can be difficult to do properly, so if they seem easy, you may be cheating!

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