Brittany Clough
Professional Dancer / Singer / Performer - Stage West Calgary

Dr. Corey is fantastic. I’ve been hiking, running and training in dance since I can remember. I’ve also had pain in my knees, hips and shoulder since I can remember. Being a professional performer (acting, dancing, singing), it’s hard having those things nagging at you every time you get on stage. Dr. Corey was great at diagnosing the connections between each issue, explaining the pains and then fixing them. My body has never felt so great and it’s made a huge difference in my performances. He’s knowledgeable, friendly and working with him for only two months has made huge leaps for my body.

Jarret Cody
Professional Dancer / Performer - Stage West Calgary

Being a professional dancer/performer the situation isn’t ‘if’ I get injured but ‘when’. I have been coming to Dr. Corey for years now because time and time again when a situation arises, I know that he provides the highest quality treatment available and will work with me to ensure that I am able to keep doing what I love. I am very grateful to have found him and the entire AST team and consider them all to be an integral player in the longevity of my career. I have recommend Dr. Corey to many friends and colleagues and will happily continue to do so in the future

A Quick Note to Say Thanks.
Steve W.

I am back at work up in Hinton after being back in Calgary for a few days. I just wanted to give you the heads up that after the two treatments my bicep pain has gone from a 9 to a 3! Not only that but I was able to perform the movement I suspect…

Lee-Anne Galloway
Professional Dancer - Stage West Calgary

As a professional dancer, I came to Dr. Corey by referral. Dr. Corey was the only doctor to identify the source of my chronic pain and treat it correctly after an entire year of misdiagnosis and missed contracts. He listens, uses multiple techniques, and has allowed me to continue dancing with ease and without pain. He is personable, explains things clearly, offers tailored exercises to continue at home and approaches his work with curiosity and kindness. I highly recommend Dr. Corey to professional athletes and dancers working through injuries, chronic or undiagnosed pain, as he is the most capable sports doctor I’ve ever worked with.


If you have been a patient of mine in the past, or are currently a patient of mine, I would appreciate it if you would let others know what your experience was like.  Often people with a certain injury are unsure if it can be fixed, or what to expect, so any insight into what you experienced would greatly help them.  As always, I truly appreciate any feedback!

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